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I Feel Like I’ve Failed As A Parent

Parent Question: I feel like a failure as a parent that I had to send my son away to boarding school at Hyde; I couldn’t fix the anger, disrespect to teachers, us, coaches, etc… lack of motivation except for computer games… This letting go has to do with feelings about oneself that we need to [More…]

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Respect: Give It to Get It

Child: “I won’t respect you until you respect me”

Continuing our focus from the parenting webinar on December 15th – Take Hold and Let Go – I thought I would publish some of the answers to the questions that did not get answered. If you have more questions as you look at taking hold and letting go in your life and with your kids, [More…]

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A hand lets go of birds

Help with Letting Go

In our webinar on December 15th, (hope you were with us!) we talked about Priority # 7, Take Hold and Let Go. I promised all participants I’d put this poem in the next newsletter. It’s been a very powerful reminder for me of the depth of meaning and challenge in letting go, no matter how [More…]

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Labels we put on our children

Labels We Put On Our Children

Have you ever thought about the labels that were put on you as a child?  Were you the easy child? The middle child? The athlete? This is a mistake I made in raising my children: I called one child “the tough one” and the other the “good kid.” When I learned that this can color [More…]

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Dad teaches his son to ride a bike

To Soar or Stumble?

We asked parents, what was their biggest parenting challenge? One response, “my biggest parenting challenge is to find the right balance between guiding my child in the right direction, and setting them up for success, and stepping back to give them room to either soar or stumble.” As I read this challenge, I had a [More…]

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Dad makes dinner

The Trick: Learning to Recognize Help & Then Accepting It

Parenting: The Biggest Job’s Priority #9, “The Humility To Ask For And Accept Help,” sounds deceptively easy. “Sure, I have humility. Yes, I can ask for help. I have a lot going on in my life; I love help.” It is the sub-text of this internal conversation that can affect our parenting. For many parents [More…]

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Dice falling in water, image of happy grandparents

When Being a “Bad Guy” Leads To Good

By Guest Blogger Hilary Jacobs Hendel  | Sometimes the best approach for a parent is to give children choices. For toddlers and elementary school children, negotiating an end to an activity by offering “We can leave the playground in five minutes or ten minutes. Which do you want?” gives a child a sense of [More…]

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Happy family

A Short Course in Human Relations

The author of this is unknown, but it directly relates to family life: The most important six words: “I admit I made a mistake.” The most important five words: “You did a good job.” The most important four words: “What is your opinion?” The most important three words: “Would you please…” The most important two words: “Thank you.” The most [More…]

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Moving toward truth, principles, and honesty

Parent: “How Can I Break The ‘Bad Parenting’ Cycle?”

This was a parent question we recently received. If you have a question you would like answered, please email me directly at The question makes me wonder how “bad” this parent thinks they are?  And what do they mean by “bad parenting cycle?” (The difficult part of having questions sent in is that I [More…]

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Hand holding a tiny star

How much sleep does my child need, and how do I get them to cooperate at bedtime?

Today I’m answering a parent question. Not knowing the age of the child about which this question was asked, I first turned to the Internet to research the question, and I found a chart that gives “a ballpark estimate” for how much your baby or child should be sleeping. You’ll find it at It [More…]

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