Cultural Challenges

Urban moms meet on the sidewalk

Mutual Love of Children Unites Mom and Step Mom

By guest author Cheryl Rice We first met nine years ago. Alan, my soon-to-be husband, and I had just come from a Phillies game. More nervous than I let on, I felt like I had just gotten off the field myself. We were on our way to see my soon-to-be stepson perform in his middle [More…]

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One green fish swims away from a school of goldfish.

Helping your teen make tough, unpopular choices

Parent Concern: …     My biggest concern is helping my child have the self-confidence to make tough choices that may not seem like the popular choice in the moment…. There are lots of Priorities that help with this concern. The first I’m going to draw on is Principles over Rules. In helping our children make tough [More…]

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A mom repeating the mantra "Is this my issue?"

Are you raising your child to be a leader?

In the last week, two people have sent me a link to an excellent article by Kathy Caprino, who interviewed leadership expert Dr. Tim Elmore, called 7 Crippling Parenting Behaviors That Keep Children From Growing Into Leaders. As I read what Mr. Elmore listed as the 7 Crippling Behaviors, I realized each could be [More…]

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Teens in love

Valentine’s Day, the Perfect Time to Talk to Your Teen about Sex

With Valentines’ Day around the corner, this may be a good time to talk about love and sex with your teen… As you’ve heard before, Parenting: The Biggest Job, believes in attitude over achievement, effort over ability and character over talent.  All those are talked about in Priority # 3: Attitude over Aptitude. So your [More…]

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Female teen and friend driving

Curfew for a responsible teen

Parent Question: We have two daughters who are model teenagers, but we are having a hard time setting a curfew. The eldest is 17-years-old and a senior. Recently she has shown signs of wanting to spread her wings after being a real home-body until now. She does not want me to be one of those [More…]

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Parents with their adult son sitting on the couch

Letting Go of Adult Children

Do you have an adult child you can’t let go of? If so, you are not alone. And, unfortunately, many good intentions—wanting children to feel good about themselves, to be happy, to stand out—has so blinded the parent community over the past three decades to the deeper challenges of preparing children for life, that it [More…]

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Lacrosse Sign for parents

The Sign to Adults at the Local Playing Field

The introduction to a Biggest Job Parenting Workshop includes these statements: Parents are the primary teachers. The home is the primary classroom. What we are saying is that a character program in a student’s school, church, scouting organization – anywhere – is just that: a program. When it’s also going on at home, the student’s [More…]

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A child works on drawing a perfect house on the wall

Perfectionism and Parenting

One thing I have observed with raising my kids is how many of my qualities they have picked up.  I am happy that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” when it comes to some of my good attitudes! However, I cringe when I come face-to-face with some of those not-so-good attitudes they have picked up. [More…]

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Helicopter parents

The Most Supervised Generation

The 3 Barriers to Educating and Raising Citizens of Character Part III: The Most Supervised Generation Note: Find Part I: The Cult of Self Esteem here Find Part II: The Achievatron here In his book On Paradise Drive, David Brooks refers to this generation of children as “the most supervised generation” in American history. Whereas [More…]

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Standardized test

The Achievatron

The 3 Barriers to Educating and Raising Citizens of Character Part II: The Achievatron Note: Find Part I: The Cult of Self Esteem here In an article titled “Stressed for Success?” in the NY Times (3/30/04), columnist David Brooks wrote: Many of you high school seniors are in a panic at this time of year, [More…]

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