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Basketball dreams

Choose Your Attitude, Be Open to Destiny

With the best of intentions, we parents and teachers often attempt to inspire our children and students with some oft-repeated phrases: “I don’t care about your grades as long as you try.” “I don’t care what you do with your life as long as you are happy.” “You’re a very bright student, you simply need [More…]

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How Education Can Truly Serve America

This post is by our Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld and was originally published on the Huffington Post. Like me, Americans understand the basic purpose of our educational system is to develop our youth. The prevailing scholastic attitude says this is accomplished by developing their intellect, a singular focus that seeks to empower the [More…]

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A scary night monster

How to handle the “what ifs” that keep parents up at night

It is not easy to be a parent of a teen in today’s world. There are so many dangers, distractions, and poor choices easily available for our kids to make. It could drive a parent crazy trying to protect their kid from all of that! The fact of the matter is, we cannot do that. [More…]

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Keep Calm

The Benefits of Not Drawing Quick Conclusions About Bad Behaviors

By Guest Blogger Hilary Jacobs Hendel Human brains simplify information under stress. Largely out of awareness, we have a tendency to categorize experiences into extremes of good and bad, black and white, right or wrong. Most of life, however, happens in the gray areas. We lose the subtleties that are always there if we [More…]

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Raising kids is like doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Raising kids is like doing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

By Guest Author FERN WEIS Parent Coach and Educator The puzzle starts out in 1,000 tiny pieces, and all you have is a small picture to help you navigate the confusion. Having kids is like doing the jigsaw puzzle. You have a picture in your mind of what their life and yours will look like [More…]

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The Zone of Respect - stacked stones in sand garden

The Zone of Respect

The idea for an article on respect came out of a recent conversation I had with a parent who was convinced she had to “show” her son how to respect her. Read below to see how less can be more, and then let us know if you’ve experienced this problem. Parent: “No, it’s a school [More…]

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Winter cabin reflected in lake

Are My Child’s Failures A Reflection of Me?

Parent Question: Does my child’s failure, or success, reflect on me as a parent or as a person? I think everyone feels that success does, so doesn’t failure as well? If not, why not? This is not only a great question, it’s also a tricky one… Today I was researching other online parenting courses to [More…]

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Kids sitting on steps having a conversation

Getting On The Same Page As Your Spouse

Parent Question: How, as parents, can we get on the same page to help our son for his future? This is another great and very important question. (Commercial break: We do a workshop for couples on exactly this subject: “Getting on the Same Page.”) You’ve heard me talk about the importance of creating a vision [More…]

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Teenager gets online warning to log off and get a life

Reality Check: Inspiring Curiosity in your Video Game-Addicted Child

Parent dilemma: “My child shows absolutely no curiosity in life, unless it has to do with video games; I feel like he’s stubborn for the sake of being stubborn.” This question from a parent was about a specific video game called Minecraft. I had to go online and look up what this game was all [More…]

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Student at college texting

Letting Go of Your College Kid

Sounds like a no brainer – right? Our kids graduate from high school and many of them go on to college. Often it is far enough away from us that we stop being involved in their day-to-day lives. Or do we? In this age of instant communication many of our kids are “closer” than ever. [More…]

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