A mom regains her confidence

A Mother Searches for Lost Potential

A mother shares her story about her potential—how she lost it and then recaptured it. “Before I became a mom, I was working. I was teaching and was very excited about doing well. I was being promoted through the ranks quite quickly and felt that I could accomplish anything. I was strong, confident, excited, and [More…]

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Productive attitudes, getting your family's ducks in a row

Boredom on the job: preparing kids for the real world.

By Guest Blogger FERN WEIS Parenting Coach   Every child has said, “This is boring.” Wait until they show up for work! It’s not all creativity, fun and games. (If I had a nickle for every student who asked me to make activities ‘fun’, I’d be rolling in nickles.) Many are growing up with [More…]

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Illustration, moonlit night reaching for a star

My Children’s Potential

If you were to ask me what I most want for my children, my response would be similar to that of the majority of parents: I want my children to be good people—honest, hard working, and courageous. I want them to care about others, rely on their communities for support and encouragement, but also be [More…]

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Viewing the sun through a hand

Time to Take the Leadership of our Educational System Away from Colleges and Return it to Parents

Many feel America has been in a slow moral decline since WWII. There are, of course, many exceptions—civil rights, tobacco, trash on highways, caring organizations, etc.—but our American character since 1945 simply doesn’t measure up to our past. Previous Americans fought a revolutionary war to establish a nation committed to freedom and equality; they fought [More…]

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Rory McIlroy swings

Swing like Rory McIlroy and fulfill your unique potential

The golf swing is to success on the links, as unique potential is to success in life. Golf has many aficionados who see the challenge of golf as a metaphor for the challenge of life. The goal of golf is to complete an 18-hole course using the least number of strokes; our goal in life [More…]

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Envelope full of hundred dollar bills

Is bribing my kid okay?

Recently I met a friend for coffee; she’s a grandmother, like I, but she is much more involved in her grandchildren’s lives than I am. I admire her for her energy and her untiring devotion and support of them. They are lucky to have her in their corner. We began talking about things she’s concerned [More…]

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Student support group

CONCERN: An Inspirational Force

I need a challenging and supportive community to develop my character. My 25 years spent teaching young people have taught me that we don’t get where we need to go by driving solo. We all need the help of others. Whether that help comes in the form of an encouraging word or a “kick in [More…]

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Fingers crossed behind back

The Liar

When my son Brian became a junior, he had a tough time at his high school.  He lost some friends and was cut from the soccer team.  These things really blew his confidence.  Feeling low, he started to make some poor choices in regard to friends and exhibited some risky behaviors.  To deal with it [More…]

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Empathy wordle collage

Empathy, My 18-year-old doesn’t have any

Parent Question: My big concern is how to teach empathy to an 18-year-old – if it can be taught! | Our Response: Let’s start on this one with the first Priority: Truth over Harmony. Have you had the conversation with your 18-year-old about the problem? Does he or she (I’ll go with he in the [More…]

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Student sits beside suitcases

When Your Kid Is Sent Home From College

What do you do when your kid is sent home from college? As more and more kids go to college – more and more kids seem to be sent home from college after a semester or two! So how do you handle it when your immature adult child (who made some stupid mistakes) is asked [More…]

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