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Parenting coach Pam Hardy is the director of programs and training for Parenting: The Biggest Job®. Pam presents The Biggest Job® parenting workshops, as well as develops and supervises training for workshop facilitators who deliver the 10 Priorities-the ten core beliefs that comprise the philosophy of The Biggest Job® -to parents, schools, corporations, and communities. A native of Clarion, Pennsylvania, Pam attended Juniata College and earned a B.A. in French. She went on to Columbia University, where she received a Master’s in clinical social work. She has lived in Australia, Brazil, and Europe. She and her husband reside in Denver, and are parents to two adult sons.

Podcast 88: Dennis and Claire Cavalli: Consistency and Patience in Parenting

Parenting Teens Podcast cover art

“I learned that I had to be consistently patient and patiently consistent in my parenting.”  Dennis Cavalli, Hyde Alumni Parent Dennis and Claire Cavalli went through The Biggest Job Parent program almost ten years ago at The Hyde School, but they are still using what they learned. “I was just going through the motions of [More...]

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Podcast 87: Parenting Wisdom from Hyde Alumni Parents: Doug & Laura Main

Parenting Teens Podcast cover art

In the first of our series on parenting wisdom from Hyde Alumni Parents, Laura Main says: “I was willing to do whatever I was asked to help my son, including if it was hanging upside down from the rooftop by rope from my ankles.”  I think most parents feel this way. The family is doing [More...]

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Podcast 86: Bonnie J. Rough: Beyond Birds and Bees, Lessons from the Dutch

Beyond Birds and Bees book

“What’s missing in many American lives is an everyday place for conversation about sexuality. We have “do” and “don’t”, but almost no “hmmm – let’s think about that…”  ~ Bonnie Rough Having the chance to live for a period of time in Holland, Bonnie Rough and her young family experienced firsthand the way the Dutch [More...]

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Podcast 85: Teen Coaching: Life Success for Teens

Natalie Borrell of Life Success for Teens

That’s what we all want for our teens, isn’t it? Well, have you ever thought about having a coach for your teen? To help them deal with anxiety, fear of loss, and fear of rejection? Sure, all parents would like to be the person their teen turns to for help with these things, but what [More...]

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Podcast 84: Richard Preece: The 10 Priorities of Parenting Excellence in the Business World

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Podcast 83: Lisa Wade: American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus

American Hookup, Lisa Wade

If the title of this book, American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus, by Lisa Wade, PhD., startles you, the information and descriptions in the book may shock you. But tune in to this podcast so you can find out the truth about how pervasive hook-up culture on college campuses is today, its pervasiveness [More...]

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Podcast 82: Claire Grant: Are you a perfectionist? Is it influencing your child to be perfect also?

Claire Grant

Are you a perfectionist? Is it influencing your child to be perfect also? “Focus instead on who are you as a person, what do you stand for, what do you believe in, what are your deeper principles, and how are you going to live a life that adheres to that? And if you do, you’re [More...]

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Podcast 81: Lenore Skenazy: Why is Adolescent Anxiety Spiking? Do parents just need to get tougher?

Lenore Skenazy

In a world where parents are getting a lot of blame, here’s a different answer for why kids are so anxious about everything. Enter Lenore Skenazy, founder of LET GROW ( and author of Free Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry). “NO!” she says, “It’s not the parents; [More...]

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Podcast 80: Katherine Ketcham, Addiction: Heartbreak, Healing, & Profound Transformation

“Addiction takes over everything… it’s this brain disease that affects individuals and changes their whole view of life and their whole view of relationships.” ~ Katherine Ketcham The Only Life I Could Save is Katherine Ketcham’s seventeenth book; she has co-authored sixteen others, ten of which are on the subject of addiction and recovery. For [More...]

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Podcast 79: Ryan Craig: The New U: Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College

A New U, Faster and Cheaper Alternatives to College

What if your teen doesn’t want to go to college? “Only 11 percent of employers believe new college graduates have the skills their businesses need. Seventy-one percent of employers said they would consider hiring a person without a degree over a person with a degree.”  ~ Ryan Craig. Ryan Craig is an investor and author [More...]

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