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Parenting coach Pam Hardy is the director of programs and training for Parenting: The Biggest Job®. Pam presents The Biggest Job® parenting workshops, as well as develops and supervises training for workshop facilitators who deliver the 10 Priorities-the ten core beliefs that comprise the philosophy of The Biggest Job® -to parents, schools, corporations, and communities. A native of Clarion, Pennsylvania, Pam attended Juniata College and earned a B.A. in French. She went on to Columbia University, where she received a Master’s in clinical social work. She has lived in Australia, Brazil, and Europe. She and her husband reside in Denver, and are parents to two adult sons.

Podcast 102: Jason Reid: Teen Suicide “Tell My Story.” – Ryan Reid

Jason Reid - Hyde School

“Tell My Story.” – Ryan Reid Jason (Jay) Reid is doing just that; telling his son, Ryan’s story. Ryan took his life when he was 14, leaving two Post-It Notes: one was the passcode to his computer; the second said “Tell My Story.” In this podcast we hear from a very brave father who misses [More...]

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Podcast 101: Isaac Morehouse: “Crash Your Career”

Isaac Morehouse - Hyde School Biggest Job Podcast

Who would want to do that – crash their career? But it’s the subtitle of the book, Ditch the Gatekeepers and Be Your Own Credential, that brings sense to the title; and it’s a new book written by Isaac Morehouse, a man who likes to call himself radically practical. Isaac has some pretty radical views [More...]

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Podcast 100: Joe Gauld: Kids Read Our Hearts

Joe Gauld- Hyde School

“Kids can’t identify with our achievements.”  Joe Gauld, Founder, Hyde School It’s our 100th podcast!  And our very special guest is Joe Gauld, founder of The Hyde School in Bath, ME. I asked Joe to be the guest on our 100th show because it all started with him. He founded Hyde School to prepare kids [More...]

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Podcast 99: Dan Scott: Parents are the Primary Teachers…

Dan Scott

“Nothing is for sure when it comes to our kids; we do the best we know with what we have at the time.”  –  Dan Scott Dan Scott is the author of Caught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out; he is also a pastor and writer for Orange Books and speaks to [More...]

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Podcast 98: Christian Buck: The Sport of School

Christian Buck - PBJ Podcast 98

  “It’s About Effort, Not IQ” – Title of Chapter 10: The Sport of School, by Christian Buck There are so many great quotes and teachings in The Sport of School: How to Help Student-Athletes Improve their Grades for High School, College, and Beyond!  that it was hard to choose the one that would catch [More...]

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Podcast 97: Ron Lieber: The Opposite of Spoiled

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Podcast 96: Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD: Get to Know Your Teen

Marilyn Price-Mitchell

“Parents need to listen to their teen. Support them in becoming who they want to be, not who you want them to be.”  Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD Marilyn Price-Mitchell is a developmental psychologist, who works as a researcher and writer. For the last decade she’s focused efforts on studying how parents, educators and mentors nurture positive [More...]

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Podcast 95: Malcolm Gauld: Integrity Amid the College Admissions Scandal

Signe Wilkinson

Would you, as a parent, buy your kid’s way into college? “Here at Hyde School, we want kids to do the honorable thing without thinking about it.” Malcolm Gauld, Director, The Hyde Institute Malcolm has been a teacher, coach and head of school at Hyde School; he is currently Director of The Hyde Institute, an [More...]

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Podcast 94: Sean Grover: When Kids Call The Shots

Sean Grover When Kids Call the Shots

“You can’t take the struggle out of parenting – it’s built in. The real question is, how much are we willing to challenge ourselves?” This quote from When Kids Call the Shots: How to Seize Control from Your Darling Bully  – and Enjoy Being a Parent Again by Sean Glover, is just one of many [More...]

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Podcast 93: Chris Guidera: Parents Need to Listen

Parenting Teens Podcast cover art

“Listen, listen, listen.” – Chris Guidera, Hyde Alumni Parent Chris Guidera, husband of Ali di Groot who was on the show last week, had similar words as his wife about his parenting: “I thought I had all the answers,” he admits; “and I learned that I needed to listen more. The family I grew up [More...]

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