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Parenting coach Mary Moore is the Director of Family Education on the Hyde-Bath campus as well as the Freshman English teacher. She has served as regional parent leader and hosted and run Biggest Job workshops in the Virgina/Maryland/DC areas. She facilitates Family Learning Center workshops and has developed and implemented peer support group curriculum for students. These groups consist of students who meet weekly to work on the character process of self-discovery, and then meet with parents on family weekends. Mary coordinates and plans the family weekends on the Hyde-Bath campus, and is still an active Hyde parent herself. She has three sons who have graduated from Hyde and a daughter who is a senior. She lives with her husband in Harpswell.

What do others think of my kid?

Nervous young boy

When I think about the times my children have made mistakes in the past, one overriding feeling I remember having was embarrassment. What would others think of my kid? What would they think of our family? But especially – how did this reflect on me as a parent and a person? Of course, some of [More...]

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Worksheet: Family Meeting Format

Colorful illustration of a family

Schedule a day and time.  (example: Sunday evening @ 6:00 PM) Each family member can take a turn running the meeting. Family meetings are sacred: everyone attends. Have them on a regular basis, not just when there is a problem or an issue to be addressed. Family meeting 1. Clear the decks: At the beginning [More...]

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Which Parent is in Charge?

Parents sitting back to back

  A few years ago, if you had asked anyone in my family that question they would have said, “Mom!”  It was true.  I was in charge of everything to do with the kids and any discipline that was needed. My husband Tom was very busy with his career, so I decided my job was [More...]

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Confessions of a Controlling Mom

Mother inspiring daughter

So many times over the years I have said to my daughter (and sons): “You can do anything you put your mind to!  Just try!”  This was especially important when they were facing something “scary” for them, such as playing a new sport, having a tough conversation, etc.  I could see that things that were [More...]

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Parenting Kids with Learning Issues

Child with ADHD

What is the best way to parent when you have a child with a learning issue? Here are some lessons I have learned along the way. Seems like a lot of kids have learning issues these day – everything from ADHD, to dyslexia, and beyond! Many of these kids need a lot of extra time [More...]

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Kids Need to Struggle

Boy cut from the team

When I first became a parent, I got lots of messages on how to raise a good kid.  One of the strongest messages I received was the importance of making sure my kids did great things so that in turn they could feel “good” about themselves.  So, I went on a campaign to make sure [More...]

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Take Off the Blinders

Woman hiding with a brown paper bag over her head

As parents, we always want to believe the best about our kids. Sometimes, even when we are presented with evidence that “something is not right,” we can look the other way.  In my family that happened with our #2 son (I’ll call him Frank). Consider the lesson I learned about the importance of wanting to [More...]

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Perfectionism and Parenting

A child works on drawing a perfect house on the wall

One thing I have observed with raising my kids is how many of my qualities they have picked up.  I am happy that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” when it comes to some of my good attitudes! However, I cringe when I come face-to-face with some of those not-so-good attitudes they have picked up. [More...]

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Help from the Village

Parent friend group

One lesson I learned from life, when my oldest became a teenager, was that when it comes to raising a teenager, I cannot go it alone. This was something I had to learn the hard way – as often seems to be the case for me! (I’m kind of stubborn.) As I have stated in [More...]

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How do you let go in a crisis?

Moody teen

In a previous article, I shared the “Letting Go” reading I have always loved and aspired to follow. (see “Don’t Fix, LISTEN!”) But I can remember all too well when my son was in crisis, thinking, “How can these people tell me to let go? Isn’t that irresponsible? If I let go, what will happen [More...]

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