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Parenting coach Mary Moore is the Director of Family Education on the Hyde-Bath campus as well as the Freshman English teacher. She has served as regional parent leader and hosted and run Biggest Job workshops in the Virgina/Maryland/DC areas. She facilitates Family Learning Center workshops and has developed and implemented peer support group curriculum for students. These groups consist of students who meet weekly to work on the character process of self-discovery, and then meet with parents on family weekends. Mary coordinates and plans the family weekends on the Hyde-Bath campus, and is still an active Hyde parent herself. She has three sons who have graduated from Hyde and a daughter who is a senior. She lives with her husband in Harpswell.

How to handle the “what ifs” that keep parents up at night

A scary night monster

It is not easy to be a parent of a teen in today’s world. There are so many dangers, distractions, and poor choices easily available for our kids to make. It could drive a parent crazy trying to protect their kid from all of that! The fact of the matter is, we cannot do that. [More...]

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Letting Go of Your College Kid

Student at college texting

Sounds like a no brainer – right? Our kids graduate from high school and many of them go on to college. Often it is far enough away from us that we stop being involved in their day-to-day lives. Or do we? In this age of instant communication many of our kids are “closer” than ever. [More...]

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Life Changing Failure

A blue game piece has fallen down. Around it stands groups of red and yellow game pieces.

When I first heard about the notion of valuing both success and failure, I remember thinking, “Why would I ever want to value failure?” At that time in my life, I was very entrenched in the achievement culture. I had the perfect house, great vacations, my children went to great schools, were good athletes, I [More...]

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Family Activity on Conscience

A family discusses conscience

Sit down as a family (or you could do this activity with any group or organization) and discuss “conscience.” Start by having everyone write down their definition of conscience. How does conscience connect to truth? Ask each person to share a story about a time when they did not listen to their conscience. What happened? [More...]

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Rock that Boat! Betting on Truth

Rock that Boat

When it came to my family and friends, betting on the truth was something that used to scare me. I didn’t want to hurt other’s feelings or make anyone mad. When I grew up, I was often told by adults, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!”  While I never had [More...]

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The Liar

Fingers crossed behind back

When my son Brian became a junior, he had a tough time at his high school.  He lost some friends and was cut from the soccer team.  These things really blew his confidence.  Feeling low, he started to make some poor choices in regard to friends and exhibited some risky behaviors.  To deal with it [More...]

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Whose job is this, anyway?

Overflowing laundry basket

One of the great things I have loved about being a mom is being close to my kids. I know them very well, and they know me very well also. As great as that can be, it can also present some difficulties! We know how to get under each other’s skin, and I often struggle [More...]

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When Your Kid Is Sent Home From College

Student sits beside suitcases

What do you do when your kid is sent home from college? As more and more kids go to college – more and more kids seem to be sent home from college after a semester or two! So how do you handle it when your immature adult child (who made some stupid mistakes) is asked [More...]

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How much should I share with my kids?

1970s couple in front of their van

When I was a teenager, I was no angel. In fact, both my husband and I exhibited some pretty typical rebellious teenage behaviors. We both put our parents through the wringer! So when I had my kids, I dreaded what they might do. How could I prevent them from making the same mistakes I had [More...]

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Family Meetings With Grown Kids

Adult children sharing a meal

In a previous article Principles Over Rules, I wrote about how important family meetings were as our kids were growing up. The question is: Are family meetings still an important activity when you don’t live together anymore? After our sons moved out, went to college, and subsequently got jobs, we saw them less and less. [More...]

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