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Parenting coach Joseph W. Gauld is the founder of Hyde Schools, a community of seven public and private schools built on his concept of family-based character education. While the concept began in a New England boarding school, today it includes inner-city schools in New York City and New Haven, CT. Joe is a graduate of Bowdoin College and has a master’s degree in mathematics from Boston University. He wrote the column “The Courage to Grow” and four books: What Kids Want-and Need-From Parents: How to Bond with and Mentor Children, Character First, Hyde: Preparation for Life, and Nature’s Parenting Process. Joe and Hyde Schools have been featured on CBS 60 Minutes, ABC 29-20 and NBC Today. Joe lives on the Hyde-Bath, ME campus, and continues to work at the schools, particularly as a consultant to the urban schools and the Hyde Foundation and as a facilitator in seminars for parents. In his spare time, he golfs.

Character—How Parents Will Solve Our Educational Problems

By Joseph W. Gauld, originally posted on the Huffington Post Americans need to seriously rethink our present child-rearing/educational system. Presently, it establishes standards of perfection for kids: an “A” or “4.0” grade point average, 2400 SAT scores, and excellence in extra-curricular activities and behavior. Please note I use “kids,” not children, to address the [More...]

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How Education Can Truly Serve America

A book with pages shaped into a heart

This post is by our Hyde School Founder Joseph W. Gauld and was originally published on the Huffington Post. Like me, Americans understand the basic purpose of our educational system is to develop our youth. The prevailing scholastic attitude says this is accomplished by developing their intellect, a singular focus that seeks to empower the [More...]

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A Horse Video Reveals How To Motivate Kids

Teen rides a horse in a stream

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post. Why do American students lack so much motivation? “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” reflects the teacher’s primary concern when motivating a student. Consider this short video. VIRAL VIDEO: This horse doesn’t really understand how water works, until he [More...]

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Time to Take the Leadership of our Educational System Away from Colleges and Return it to Parents

Viewing the sun through a hand

Many feel America has been in a slow moral decline since WWII. There are, of course, many exceptions—civil rights, tobacco, trash on highways, caring organizations, etc.—but our American character since 1945 simply doesn’t measure up to our past. Previous Americans fought a revolutionary war to establish a nation committed to freedom and equality; they fought [More...]

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Swing like Rory McIlroy and fulfill your unique potential

Rory McIlroy swings

The golf swing is to success on the links, as unique potential is to success in life. Golf has many aficionados who see the challenge of golf as a metaphor for the challenge of life. The goal of golf is to complete an 18-hole course using the least number of strokes; our goal in life [More...]

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The Secret to a Powerful Connection With Our Children

parent hand holding child's hand

Children make their own powerful connection to us. The secret is to recognize and accept this connection and let it guide our connection to them. Otherwise, our parent-child relationship will have problems. Here is how children connect to us: In the first nine months, babies have a Garden of Eden existence in the womb, with [More...]

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Parenting Guide Part 10: Parent By Example cont.

Family in meadow

Part X of the series on Nature’s Parenting Process – by Joseph Gauld Concept # 5  – Parent by Example – Recognize the Power of our Feelings – part 2 A healthy relationship with our children is based on honesty, living by principles, and leading by example. We must have the humility and honesty to [More...]

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Parenting Guide Part 9: Parent By Example

Hands make heart shape

Part IX of the series on Nature’s Parenting Process, by Joseph Gauld Concept # 5:  Parent By Example: part 1 The last concept in our series on Nature’s Parenting Process is Parent by Example: recognize the power of our feelings. This concept seems obvious, but we parents need to understand that children learn from us [More...]

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Parenting Guide Part 8: Take Hold As We Let Go cont.

Group Of Teenage Friends Having Fun In Snowy Landscape

Part VIII of the series on Nature’s Parenting Process by Joseph Gauld Concept # 4: Take Hold as we Let Go – part 2  In middle school, young teenagers begin to seek the approval of their peers. This is the first step toward their independence. We parents must realize this is an integral part of [More...]

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Parenting Guide Part 7: Take Hold As We Let Go

Dad throwing daughter up into the air

Part VII of the series on Nature’s Parenting Process by Joseph Gauld Concept # 4:  Take Hold As We Let Go – part 1  Nature provided parents with a profound creative power in the growth process, granting us a great amount of authority and control, which we learn to discipline. We often unwittingly allow our [More...]

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