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Conversations Guiding the Struggle


By Hyde School faculty member Lori Hobart, LCSW As a parent and a faculty member I have the unique opportunity to see the time, commitment, and extra effort our faculty give on a regular basis. Last week the power of this amazing group of people took on a deeper meaning. My son Greg ran into [More...]

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The Benefits of Not Drawing Quick Conclusions About Bad Behaviors

Keep Calm

By Guest Blogger Hilary Jacobs Hendel Human brains simplify information under stress. Largely out of awareness, we have a tendency to categorize experiences into extremes of good and bad, black and white, right or wrong. Most of life, however, happens in the gray areas. We lose the subtleties that are always there if we [More...]

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Raising kids is like doing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Raising kids is like doing a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

By Guest Author FERN WEIS Parent Coach and Educator The puzzle starts out in 1,000 tiny pieces, and all you have is a small picture to help you navigate the confusion. Having kids is like doing the jigsaw puzzle. You have a picture in your mind of what their life and yours will look like [More...]

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Feeling alone with parenting challenges? Why it’s worse for parents of teens.

Mom hiding behind a table

By Guest Blogger FERN WEIS Parenting Coach Working with parents of teens, especially when their child is ‘off-track’, they often share how alone they feel. Somehow it’s very different from the challenges of parenting a toddler or elementary school child. There is a unique sense of isolation when things go awry during the teen [More...]

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Divided We Stand: 5 Tips For Parents to Navigate the Post-Divorce Road with their Children

Map and navigation tools

This week we are pleased to bring you a follow-up guest post by Randi Levin, building on her post from last week, “What Your Teenager Wants to Tell You About Divorce.” Divided We Stand: 5 Tips For Parents to Navigate the Post-Divorce Road with their Children by Randi Levin, CPC The “D” words…divorced, divided, detached. [More...]

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What Your Teenager Wants to Tell You About Divorce

Teen with arguing parents

This week we are pleased to bring you a guest post about what we can learn from our children about the impact of divorce on them, first posted on Fern Weis’ site, Your Family Matters. Randi Levin, a Certified Professional Coach, speaks from her heart and her own experience as a child of divorce. Fern wrote: [More...]

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When Being a “Bad Guy” Leads To Good

Dice falling in water, image of happy grandparents

By Guest Blogger Hilary Jacobs Hendel  | Sometimes the best approach for a parent is to give children choices. For toddlers and elementary school children, negotiating an end to an activity by offering “We can leave the playground in five minutes or ten minutes. Which do you want?” gives a child a sense of [More...]

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The Letter Your Teenager Can’t Write You

A teen scales a rock wall

By Guest Author Gretchen Schmelzer, originally published on Dear Parent: This is the letter that I wish I could write. This fight we are in right now. I need it. I need this fight. I can’t tell you this because I don’t have the language for it and it wouldn’t make sense anyway. But I [More...]

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Boredom on the job: preparing kids for the real world.

Productive attitudes, getting your family's ducks in a row

By Guest Blogger FERN WEIS Parenting Coach   Every child has said, “This is boring.” Wait until they show up for work! It’s not all creativity, fun and games. (If I had a nickle for every student who asked me to make activities ‘fun’, I’d be rolling in nickles.) Many are growing up with [More...]

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Join the Fight to Stop Teen Medicine Abuse

spoonful of cough medicine

By Tammy Walsh of The Five Moms Did you know that one in three teens knows someone who has abused DXM to get high? Even more startling, approximately one in 25 teens reports abusing excessive amounts of DXM to get high—sometimes ingesting more than 25 times the recommended dose of these medicines. You might be [More...]

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