“At the outset I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing “Biggest Job In Business” initiative at Franklin Templeton. Words can’t express my gratitude and how much I owe you both. These 10 priorities have helped me to come out of my failures and stay motivated during the toughest times of my MBA entrance exam preparation.

When I started my preparation I knew I was fighting one of the toughest battles of my life, as I needed to compete with 2,000 lakh people for 2 seats. I told myself “Set high expectations and let go of the outcome”. I used to sleep nearly 3 to 4 hours a day managing my office work and studies, all my weekends were devoted to my training classes and mock exams. At times when it used to get on to my nerves, I use to see “ Attitude over Aptitude” poster on my bedroom wall and get back to my studies.

There were times when I miserably failed in my mock exams, I would remember “Value Success and Failure” priority and move on.

In order to perform exceptionally well in group discussions one should be a well-read person. Long hours of travel which was an obstacle earlier, had become an opportunity, I used my travel time to read newspapers by leveraging “Allow Obstacles to become Opportunities.

Unfortunately a week after my MBA entrance exam result, I fractured my leg and was advised 4 weeks of bed rest by doctors. The first thing that flashed in my mind was how do I prepare for my interviews. I didn’t want to give up. I used “Humility to ask and accept help ” priority, I requested my friends to come to my house  and help me in my preparation.

Finally the result of my hard work is an admission in MBA at Xavier Institute of Management. I believe, more than the destination, journey is important. Before I started my preparation majority told me that the journey that I have chosen has a high probability of failure. Today the same majority says “I am proud of you” and “I consider you as my inspiration.

Once again I thank you for introducing these priorities to me and I wish many more like me get inspired by them. I will be starting my new journey into my college in June but I am sure you know that these top 10 priorities are going to guide me for the rest of my life.”

– Praveena Rayapureddi, Franklin Templeton International Services, Mumbai, India

The presentation this morning was excellent. I’ve been to many parenting workshops, classes and presentations. I recommend this one highly. It was engaging, humorous, poignant, and professional. It was also well attended and everyone seemed to take something away from it.”  

– Wendy McLean, South Salem, NY

“Dear Laura and Malcolm,

On behalf of HESIC, thank you for the excellent workshop you conducted on March 5th at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School.  Your perspective on developing character in our children was inspiring and very helpful. One of the reasons the workshop was effective was your willingness to share your failures as well as your successes. Your openness set the tone for an honest exchange of ideas and it was easy to relate to your discussion about the challenges we all face as parents. The interactive exercises dramatically illustrated your points on how to navigate the pitfalls and obstacles those challenges present. Learning how to apply the 10 Priorities creates the framework for improved and more meaningful communication in our families. Overall, your discussion was very well received and we’ve heard terrific feedback from parents who appreciated your warmth and humor.

On a personal note, it was a pleasure to see you again and hear about the continued impact the Hyde Schools have made in the lives of so many families.  Best wishes for continued success and happiness!”

–  Merrill Pavane, Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School

“I have been in education for nearly thirty years, the past twelve as a school administrator. I am the mother of two boys as well. I have heard many lectures, read many books, magazines, and articles on the “Art of Parenting.” Nothing, nothing that I have heard or seen was as perfect as the talk by Laura and Malcolm Gauld.”

– Patty Lane, Principal at St. Ignatius School, Sacremento, CA Read the entire letter (pdf)

“The presenters of the workshop were passionate, experienced and inspiring. I left feeling empowered, and equipped with questions and activities to use with the parents of my students. Most importantly, I learned how to be a better parent.”

– Washington, DC parent

“Thank you so much! Your session was excellent on so many levels: I can use the information when meeting with parents about how to frame their responses to their children, with teachers because the classroom is family and with staff because the school is like a huge family reunion!”

– Parent in Canada

“Laura was great! Our parents really connected with her message. She has great ideas and anecdotes, and a wonderful delivery that is informal and entertaining. I think parents especially appreciated her honesty about when she was not the “perfect” parent and what she learned from that. Our parents did not walk away feeling like they could never live up to the model this person was espousing – they felt like they had a fighting chance!”

– Susan Levine, Columbus Academy

“Your workshop was EXCELLENT, Pam. I am the mother of 4 and grandmother of 8; what you had to say was so on the mark!”

– Juanita Schuler, Sullivan Public School, Sullivan, Missouri

“I am truly at a loss for words. Your visit inspired me, moved me, and it will be a time I will never forget…I shall never look at my role as Mom the same ever again. Thank you. I believe your visit is going to be a life changing one for many in our community.”

―Mother, Kankakee, IL

“The Biggest Job Workshop not only gave me valuable information about raising my children, it gave me a better perspective on how to deal with the parents of my middle school students. It was wonderful because it wasn’t a lecture; it provided me the opportunity to interact with other parents and teachers and discuss parenting issues with people whose perspective I might not otherwise have encountered.”

— Mother/Teacher, Northumberland, PA

“I learned how important my family is to me.”

― Father, Boston, MA