Parenting: The Biggest Job

Does your vision for your family align with what's really happening? If not, join us at the next parenting workshop.The Biggest Job parenting program, which reflects 40 years of collective experience of Hyde School’s Family Program, has a simple philosophy: parents are the primary teachers, and the home is the primary classroom.

The job of parenting asks us to accept and honor a commitment to develop the best in our children, the best in our families and the best in ourselves.  It is based on 10 Priorities, designed to help us with our personal growth by offering a framework to guide our efforts as parents.

We find that focusing on ourselves will often start a ripple effect that inspires those around us to do the same. Our kids are never too old, nor too young, for us to become exceptional parents.

Did you know?

Parenting: The Biggest Job offers workshops for parents, educators, and students, as well as can provide 1-on-1 parent coaching!

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