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Christian Buck - PBJ Podcast 98

“It’s About Effort, Not IQ” – Title of Chapter 10: The Sport of School, by Christian Buck

There are so many great quotes and teachings in The Sport of School: How to Help Student-Athletes Improve their Grades for High School, College, and Beyond!  that it was hard to choose the one that would catch your eye and make you want to listen to this podcast.  Here are a few more:

  • “Is our goal to prepare our students for the next four years or the next 40?”
  • “While I am a big proponent of goals, I am a greater proponent of a clear vision.”
  • “True change on the part of your student involves change for you as well, and the recognition that ultimately your student must make the decision to motivate himself or herself.”

Sound familiar?

Christian Buck left a career on Wall Street, got an advanced degree in sports psychology and now works with students to help them see that school can be approached the same way they approach sports in their lives: with vision, goals and hard work. There’s great advice here for parents wanting to help their kids in the same way.; on Twitter @CBuckconsulting

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