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Would you, as a parent, buy your kid’s way into college?

Signe Wilkinson

Signe Wilkinson, cartoon du jour TOON14, Admissions Scam

Here at Hyde School, we want kids to do the honorable thing without thinking about it.” Malcolm Gauld, Director, The Hyde Institute

Malcolm has been a teacher, coach and head of school at Hyde School; he is currently Director of The Hyde Institute, an organization established to take Hyde’s unique approach to family-based character education to other schools in the nation.

He was not surprised to learn that some parents would buy their student’s way into college; but he was surprised by the extent of it.

“The parents have deprived their children of a very important rite of passage; the college application is the first time that an 18 year old takes their credentials into the world to see what the world says. Parents need to see how their children handle that.’

In this podcast, we look at how the lack of integrity on the part of many people involved in the admissions cheating contributed to the outcome.

Read Malcolm’s blog article, “Personal Character > College Prestige” on the subject.

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