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Eric Karlan

Eric Karlan, Creative Commons license, image has been cropped

“What Do I Need to Know About You?”  is Eric Karlan’s favorite question to students.

Eric Karlan is co-owner of an organization called Ivy Experience, which helps students prepare for ACT and SAT testing, write college essays and complete college applications.

Don’t let the name of his company fool you into thinking that he only helps students interested in Ivy League Schools; he helps students and families interested in ANY school. He wants to know how a student is engaged in the world, and helps them find their unique story – what sets them apart – what their values and quirks are, and the obstacles they’ve overcome.

He asks the question, “What do I need to know about you?” because he believes that sharing one’s authenticity and passion is the most important part of helping students get to the right topic for their college essay.  “What is an admissions officer?” Eric asks; “He or she is a person; and people accept other people.” 



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