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Can students achieve more by doing less in college?

“YES!” says Kyle Winey, college productivity expert, in his book, Hackiversity: The Secrets to Achieving More by Doing Less in College. 

When I read the title of this book, my first thought was, “Is this guy going to tell kids and parents that you really don’t have to study in college?” What I found out was the opposite.  Kyle’s recommendations are:

  • Achieve Self-Awareness by finding your passion, your strengths, your purpose and figuring out what lifestyle you want.
  • Maximize Your Marketability through your college selection, the megatrends out there today, the selection of your major, your grades, internships, networking and your character (which he calls non-negotiable skills).

“Hacking college isn’t meant to show you all of the ingredients involved with college success,” says Kyle. “It’s to help identify the few elements that rocket you toward success faster and with less effort.”

Our podcast conversation with Kyle gives you glimpses into Kyle’s premise and philosophy, which I think you’ll find fascinating.

You can learn more about Kyle and HACKiversity at In addition to HACKiversity the book, Kyle’s HACKiversity Project features a college selection tool designed to generate a list of colleges that are right for you, based on your location, grades, and budget.

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