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Richard Preece, Live Big

Richard Preece, author of Live Big

Richard Preece works for a global investment management company. After graduating from The Biggest Job Parenting program at Hyde School, he took the Ten Priorities into his work place, teaching and modeling them in this country and abroad.

There’s not really any difference between what challenges people at home and what challenges them at work; so the 10 Priorities work wherever you are and whatever you’re doing,” he says.

Richard has written a book called Live Big: Creating the Life You Never Dared to Dream which is available on Amazon. If interested in finding out how to implement The 10 Priorities at your work place, contact Richard at

The 10 Priorities

  1. Truth over Harmony
  2. Principles over Rules
  3. Attitude over Aptitude
  4. Set High Expectations, Let Go of Outcomes
  5. Value Success and Failure
  6. Allow Obstacles to Become Opportunities
  7. Take Hold and Let Go
  8. Create a Character Culture
  9. Humility to Ask for and Accept Help
  10. Inspiration: Job # 1

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