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“Clear limits and boundaries aren’t just nice or good for children and teens; they’re bedrock.”

Talk to Me First by Deborah Roffman~ Deborah Roffman: Talk To Me First: Everything You Need to Know to Become Your Kids’ “Go-To” Person about Sex.

In part two of our series with Debbie Roffman, she teaches us the importance of the five-piece suit of parenting, mentioned briefly in part one. Those five parts are:

1. Affirmation
2. Information
3. Clarity about Values
4. Limits and Boundaries
5. Guidance

She emphasizes the importance of letting our kids know, clearly, what our values are, in all aspects of life including sexuality; of “being the parent;” and to communicate the humanity of being sexual with another human being.

Debbie is referred to by her colleagues as the most articulate professional voice in the US on the need for broad-based human sexuality education. She works with parents, schools and students all across the country.

You can find her at

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