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Are you worried about an eating disorder in your child?

Dana Suchow

Dana Suchow

Then you’ll definitely want to listen to this podcast with Dana Suchow, national speaker and activist on eating disorders. Dana has personally overcome bulimia, binge eating, and exercise compulsion and has a firsthand understanding of how eating disorders can get started and what parents can do.

Dana has been seen on Good Morning America and ABC News; she’s been interviewed by Vogue, Marie Claire, and numerous other publications. Our interview includes her views on the contributions social media and the diet culture are making to the issue of eating disorders, how parents unwittingly contribute to the problem; and the fact that eating disorders are so often combined with other things.

If you have questions because your child has or you think they may have an eating disorder, Dana suggests contacting The National Eating Disorders Association at

Dana’s focus is preventative, and she speaks to parents, teachers or anyone involved with raising kids. You can find Dana at or on Instagram @danasuchow.

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