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“Parenting through puberty is demanding; [but] remember that your teen needs and loves you, even in the moment that he or she appears to have forgotten this fact!”

Parenting Through Puberty bookThis is just one of the many great reminders about parenting adolescents in a wonderful new book by pediatrician, Dr. Suanne Kowal-Connelly called Parenting Through Puberty: Mood Swings, Acne, and Growing Pains, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  It’s advertised as an ultimate guide to puberty, and indeed it is.

Dr. Suanne, as her patients call her, covers the nuts and bolts of what happens to children’s bodies as they go through the 5 stages of puberty (both boys and girls); issues of self-esteem and body image; concerns that parents have about the timing of puberty; the developing brain of a teenager; the relationship with a pediatrician; guidance for parents of adolescents with special needs; the subject of physical literacy; and lots on health and wellness.

There are also resources on all the subjects she writes about, including eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

The book is a great read and a wonderful reference book for all things adolescent. You can find Dr. Suanne through her website and blog (, or on twitter at

Dr. Susanne Kowal-Connelly

Dr. Suanne Kowal-Connelly

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