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“The greatest impact on children are the unlived lives of adults.”  Carl Jung

In our last five parenting mantras, Laura Gauld, co-author of the book, The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have, mentions this quote by Jung“We need the help of others to get to our own greatness as parents,” she says.

The mantras in this podcast are about living the kind of life as a parent that will inspire our children; that will model character for them; and that will show our kids our spirit.

The final five mantras are:

    1. Others see you as you cannot see yourself.
    2. Embrace curiosity and learn something new each day.
    3. IPSES: Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Social
    4. No one taps into their greatness without the help of others.
    5. Inspiration: Job # 1


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