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Parenting as Partners by Vicki HoefleWhen big parenting issues come up, do you ever think “…if only he/she would just do it my way? Then we could solve this and move on!”

As you well know, it doesn’t usually happen this way. “Kids highlight the real challenge in the family: the one between the parenting partners,” writes Vicki Hoefle, in her wonderful hands-on latest book, Parenting as Partners: How to Launch Your Kids Without Ejecting Your Spouse.

A true proponent of fostering independence in kids, Vicki teaches us that looking at how we were parented and melding that with the experience of our partner is truly a challenge. She believes that “having a strong marriage and having solid parenting strategies is not enough to successfully negotiate the tricky terrain of co-parenting with someone who has an entirely different idea on how to raise the kids.”

So how do we meld ideas on parenting in order to co-parent? This book (and this podcast) will help get you started.

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You can also listen to our first interview with Vicki, about her book Duct Tape Parenting.


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