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Are you worried about the effect of social media on your kids? If so, this podcast may put your mind at ease, at least about some aspects of all that kids are exposed to in the media and on devices.

Caroline Knorr, senior parenting editor for Common Sense Media,* shares with us her wisdom about what parents should watch for and the questions they need to ask their kids about what’s going on with them when they’re on their devices.

“In general, social media is a positive with our kids,” Caroline says. “We need to encourage what’s good, and minimize any risks or anything that could exacerbate what’s already there [as a problem] for a child.”

You can find Caroline at She enjoys hearing from parents.

*Common Sense Media is an organization that provides reviews on all products to which kids are exposed, including movies, apps, games, and even You-Tube channels. Their website is  Watch for their latest research report in September, 2018. 

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