A family discusses conscience

Sit down as a family (or you could do this activity with any group or organization) and discuss “conscience.” Start by having everyone write down their definition of conscience. How does conscience connect to truth?

  1. Ask each person to share a story about a time when they did not listen to their conscience. What happened? Then share another story about the opposite experience: What happened when they did not listen to their conscience?
  2. Pair people up and answer the following questions:

    – How important is it to me to be liked and accepted by others?

    – How does my ego help me and how does it get in my way? Younger children will have difficulty with this.

    – Who/Where is the conscience in our family/team/group? This may be a person or many people at different times.
    For example: “John, you expressed the conscience in the family when you challenged us all to pull together for Granny’s service and share our feelings.”

  3. Commit to spending the next week examining how conscience guides you. Begin your next meeting by asking people to share how they saw their conscience guiding them since the last meeting.

Good luck!