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In our first video as part of our new Moms Roundtable series, myself and fellow parenting coaches Claire Grant and Mary Moore discuss your most pressing parenting questions about raising teens. Among the three of us, we have raised ten children and helped thousands of parents of teens in our professional lives as members of the Family Education department at Hyde School. We can assure you there is probably no scenario for which we have not had previous experience.

In this episode, a mother writes in that her 9th grade son is falling behind in his schoolwork and she feels that she has become a nag. To help her with this dilemma, I pose the question, “who is more concerned about the schoolwork, your child or you?” From there Mary and Claire and I all weigh in on the options the mom has and what we would do (or have done!) in this situation.

Is our advice helpful? Do you struggle with this issue and have had success in solving it? Let us know in the comment section below.



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