Your Conscience

1. What does the word conscience mean to me?


2. Describe a time when I listened to my conscience and what happened.


3. Describe a time when I did not listen to my conscience. What happened?


4. When I think of conscience within my family, is there one person who “is the conscience” of the family? Who is that person? Explain how you see them being the conscience.


5. Do I find it easy to challenge others when I see them not living by their conscience? Why or why not?


6. Do I allow others to challenge me when they see me not living by my conscience? Why or why not?


7. Do I tend to share my “lapses of conscience” with my children? Why or why not?


8. How do I feel about the level of conscience in my children?


9. What can I do to bring more conscience into my family?


10. What can we as a family do to have a collective conscience in our family?