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The Good Parenting Checklist

Recently we had a parent ask, “Am I doing a good job in raising this young man, and what can I do better?” Today we wanted to share a basic checklist of things by which to evaluate and answer this question. Our process, “Parenting: The Biggest Job,” is named so because we want parents to [More…]

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“Confidence shared is better than confidence only in yourself.” —Coach Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University Head Coach

What is important to us as a family/team/group?

While your family is gathered this Thanksgiving, take the opportunity to get to know each other better and strengthen your family relationships. Family Activity What is important to us as a family/team/group? Directions: Have each member take a few minutes to fill out the worksheet (download the PDF) and then share your answers with each [More…]

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Worksheet: What is important to us as a family?

“Two things seem pretty apparent to me. One was that in order to be a Mississippi River pilot, a man had to learn more than any other man ought to be allowed to know; and the other was, that he must learn it all over again in a different way every 24 hours.” – Mark [More…]

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Activity: Family Solo Challenges

Family Solo time is a valuable component of any growth process for families. It gives families meaningful time to be together. When taken seriously, family solo assignments help us gain new insights and renew commitments. The theme for this exercise is “Challenges.” The word challenge itself denotes a commitment to personal risk and growth. We [More…]

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Worksheet: Family Meeting Format

Schedule a day and time.  (example: Sunday evening @ 6:00 PM) Each family member can take a turn running the meeting. Family meetings are sacred: everyone attends. Have them on a regular basis, not just when there is a problem or an issue to be addressed. Family meeting 1. Clear the decks: At the beginning [More…]

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What's your attitude?

Attitudes – Productive and Unproductive

“Nothing can stop the person with the right attitude; nothing can help the person with the wrong one.” Look at the following examples of attitudes we can carry: Productive Unproductive Caring, concern Selfishness Helping others Dishonest Hard worker Chip on shoulder Truthful Quitter Optimistic Leave me alone Willingness Don’t notice me Perseverance I don’t care [More…]

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The truth

Worksheet: Self Honesty/Truth

Note: This worksheet works best when completed by all family members. If we truly and honestly desire to fulfill our unique potential and our destiny in life, we need the ongoing guidance of conscience. However, the bigger our dreams, the more demands and pressure we put on ourselves and so the more susceptible we become [More…]

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