Amazing things happen in families that understand it takes character to build character.

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  • Arrows hit a shield held up by a person

    Taking Things Personally

    One question I wish the parenting coaches would answer is… “How do you not take the negative actions of your children personally and as a reflection of potential failures we made?” One of the first slides on the PowerPoint of a Parenting: The Biggest Job workshop is: Exceptional Parenting: It’s hard It’s doable It’s never [More...]

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  • The Lighthouse Story - image of a lighthouse with gray skies

    The Lighthouse Story

    A story from Stephen Covey. Shortly after Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Free Press) was published in 1989, it quickly became a significant contributor to the Hyde culture. Twenty-five years later, at many a parents’ weekend we still read the Lighthouse Story to the entire community. Without giving the punch line [More...]

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  • Intimidating son

    How Do I Not Let My Son Intimidate Me?

    Someone wrote this as a response to our, “One question I wish the parenting coaches would answer…” The nature of the question, as it is written, leads me to believe that the author knows the problem rests with him/her.  Had the question been “How do I get my son to stop intimidating me?” I wouldn’t [More...]

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  • Text message from mom

    When do they stop hating us?!

    This is a question that came up in our recent parenting survey. I’ll do my best to answer. Is it really hatred?… Or is it that they just don’t like the rules and expectations?… Or they want to take the easy way out?  And they want you to help them! Have you sat down, at [More...]

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  • A Moral Bucket List

    Got A Moral Bucket List?

      I love it when people write about things that support our parenting priorities, and David Brooks has done just that with his piece in the Sunday (April 12, 2015) New York Times. Brooks starts his piece by saying that he doubts his own “generosity of spirit or depth of character” – something he sees in others [More...]

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  • Mother tells her daughter, "Honey, if you have to have an answer right now it will be no."

    Always Feeling Like I Have To Have An Immediate Answer

    Thanks to those of you who answered the parenting survey, it gives us material to bring the Biggest Job 10 Priorities into practical, everyday use. From the section on “biggest parenting challenge,” someone wrote, “Always feeling like I have to have an immediate answer or consequence.” Our response to this is: “You don’t!” I wonder [More...]

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