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  • Dad makes dinner

    The Trick: Learning to Recognize Help & Then Accepting It

    Parenting: The Biggest Job’s Priority #9, “The Humility To Ask For And Accept Help,” sounds deceptively easy. “Sure, I have humility. Yes, I can ask for help. I have a lot going on in my life; I love help.” It is the sub-text of this internal conversation that can affect our parenting. For many parents [More...]

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  • Dice falling in water, image of happy grandparents

    When Being a “Bad Guy” Leads To Good

    By Guest Blogger Hilary Jacobs Hendel  | Sometimes the best approach for a parent is to give children choices. For toddlers and elementary school children, negotiating an end to an activity by offering “We can leave the playground in five minutes or ten minutes. Which do you want?” gives a child a sense of [More...]

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  • Mom with megaphone tries to get through to teen

    HELP! My Child Refuses to Listen

    We recently received this tough question from a frustrated mom: How can you parent a child who, absolutely no matter what the consequences are, refuses to or is simply unable or unwilling to listen to a single word you say and does not care at all what you think – a child who will leave [More...]

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  • Real stick figure family

    Be Instead of Brag

    “Be Instead of Brag” is an article in Brain, Child Magazine, written by Elizabeth Richardson Rau, that supports what we believe at Parenting – The Biggest Job: self-esteem and self-worth must be earned; we cannot give it to our kids. Nor can we take our kids’ accomplishments and make them part of our self-worth! Rau [More...]

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  • Happy family

    A Short Course in Human Relations

    The author of this is unknown, but it directly relates to family life: The most important six words: “I admit I made a mistake.” The most important five words: “You did a good job.” The most important four words: “What is your opinion?” The most important three words: “Would you please…” The most important two words: “Thank you.” The most [More...]

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  • Moving toward truth, principles, and honesty

    Parent: “How Can I Break The ‘Bad Parenting’ Cycle?”

    This was a parent question we recently received. If you have a question you would like answered, please email me directly at The question makes me wonder how “bad” this parent thinks they are?  And what do they mean by “bad parenting cycle?” (The difficult part of having questions sent in is that I [More...]

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